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Type To use the Zombie Zapper, flip the power switch on. It will go through a 
brief battery check and show up to 5 green lights indicating it’s current 
power level. If only one blue light is flashing, the battery level is too low 
and the batteries must be recharged.

To activate the zapper, press the trigger. If the trigger is held down for 
too long, the Zombie Zapper will flash red and enter a time out mode 
for 30 seconds. Turning off the Zombie Zapper during this time will 
reset the timer to 30 seconds.

There are five modes. The modes are indicated when first powered on
by a single led starting at the base (mode 1)prior the White and Green
battery check.
To change the Firing Mode, hold the trigger wile turning on the unit, 
release when the LEDs turn green. You will notice the single lit led
moves up a ring for each mode.

Mode 1-LED lights traces up to arc-reactor. 
             Arcs spark one at a time in circle pattern.(most energy efficient)
Mode 2-Flashes all LEDs randomly. Arcs spark one at a time randomly.
Mode 3-No LEDs flash, fires all three arcs at the same time.
Mode 4-Flashes all LEDs in random pattern and fires all arcs 
             at the same time. (least energy efficient)
Mode 5-Trickster mode. First press of fire button only 
             blinks random LEDs (no arcs). Second press fires like mode 4

To recharge the battery, remove the base of the unit, remove the battery 
and plug the battery into the provided charger then plug the charger into
the wall outlet. 
When all the lights are blue, charging is complete.

Stand the Zombie Zapper upside down when not in use.

        - Do not use if broken
        - Do not use in the rain
        - Do not let the unit get wet
        - Do not put anything between the plastic gaurds
        - Do not operate near flammable substances
        - Operate and Store between 20° and 100° F (-6° to 38°C) your paragraph here.