Sound Box Bundle


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Comes with 1 Sound Box and 1 Remote Control Trigger Remote Control Trigger 

Sound Box

Plays one mp3 or wav file on a continuous loop until activated, then plays a secondary sound. When that sound completes, returns to the original looping sound automatically.

Runs off of a standard 5v Micro USB Cord Power Adapter (included), and can also run off of a portable phone charger battery pack.

3 Watt Stereo Output

Remote Control

This remote controls many of our devices including our Shock MineMini Control Box, or Sound Box.

The Remote Control has a automated learning feature. By holding down the button for 45 seconds, it identifies up to 20 Scare Innovations product powered on and remembers them for future use. The next time the button is pressed, the Remote will activate those devices. Capable of triggering devices up to 150 feet away.

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Button/Wire, PIR Motion